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Karmic Grimoire $2.99
Publisher: Bards and Sages
by Brian S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/07/2008 08:02:53

First things first, from a purely design standpoint, this book looks great. The PDF has the look and feel of an ancient magical tome. There is no art in the PDF except for a spattering of arcane symbols that look like they were taken from a real magical text, and a background image that appears to be a bunch of arcane symbols.

Secondly, this is less a spell compendium than a spell and magic item primer for the Karma roleplaying system. All the spells are broken down with their point assignments so you can see exactly how they were made. This lets you edit them or advance them for your own game. There are also several indexes that sort the spells by type, elements, and impacts, so specialists can quickly find the spells they want (though the indexes don’t include page numbers or hyperlinks). The same is true for the magic items presented. They all show the complete point assignment, so players know immediately how many crafting points they need to make them.

The most important information in this book is the item pricing guide (which probably should have been in the core book). This provides the details on how to price magical items, how much they resell for, and how to calculate pricing in modern era games. Basically, it can get extremely expensive to have a magic user craft items for you, unless you can supply all of the materials. And trying to buy magic items on the open market isn’t easy, either. This makes treasure finds, particularly gems and precious metals, actually important beyond a “you find a ruby worth 200 gp” way.

The information on alchemy is comical in its perspective. Basically, the book presents alchemy as a giant scam perpetuated by magic users on unsuspecting commoners. It’s funny in that it is so believable, and it is an interesting take. The “Consumer-grade” magic items rules are perfect for modern campaigns for the same reason.

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Karmic Grimoire
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