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Delving Deeper - Monk (Labyrinth Lord) $0.75
Publisher: Brave Halfling Publishing
by stephane h. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/12/2008 11:33:59

[In the interest of full disclosure. I got this product for free]

Delving Deeper - Monk provides the Monk class for the Labyrinth Lord rulebook (available for free from Goblinoid Games)

1) First Impression The Monk has definitely more details than the previous Delving Deeper entries. It has the most pages as well (7 pages). There is also more artwork

2) Layout The layout is clean and follows the core rulebook in look and feel

3) Artwork The Artwork is really evocative of the source material. I really enjoyed the artwork on page 4 (showing a monk back kicking the tar out of an Orc)

4) Content The Monk class offers an attractive alternative to LL's core classes. As to be expected, the Monk class gets better Armor Classes, dishes more hand to hand damages and gains a list of special abilities like Awareness, Evasion, Purity of Mind, Friend of the Beasts, etc...

I am not sure about the Friend of the Beasts. Talking to animals in my mind should be relegated to the Druid class (hoping to see it from those guys). Also, I was disappointed in not seeing some kind of missile deflection abilities...

I can't complain too much... the Monk class offers very powerful abilities. Endless purity is extremely powerful (allowing to duplicate the effects of Death Spell, Charm Person, Cure Disease, Cure Critical Wounds, or Hold Person within limits per day)

5) Overall Probably the most comprehensive supplement of the series (although the Bard is still my favorite class- but I'm just the GM). Go buy it!!

PS. For those that complain that I'm only giving 5 stars for these products... Here's my response: How much did you spend on your 3.5 games? So far my Labyrinth Lord campaign material has cost me less than 3 bucks... 'Nuff said.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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Delving Deeper - Monk (Labyrinth Lord)
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