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Fleshscape Pay What You Want
Publisher: Rooster Games
by Pascal M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/09/2018 18:54:17

I am a french spoken player. So it is not very easy for me to review your game. I'll try to make it as simple and straight as possible. Anyway I am using a translator to help me. I really like the aesthetics of the game. the system is simple and quick to use. The three characteristics give an effective and direct profile to the character. I love the very original background of the world and the principle of a role-playing game where the goal is simply to survive and not to accumulate wealth. my only criticism is that the rules plan is not very clear. We move from the equipment to repair and dismemberment without being able to find a coherent order. it's a game that makes you want to play immediately. I plan to do a test game as a GM very soon with some friends.

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Creator Reply:
Thank you Pascal! The layout of the rules was very much determined by how large each section was, since I wanted to waste as little space as possible and stay within the four pages limit. Hopefully you will enjoy playing it!
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