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Epic Isometric Bundle $25.00
Publisher: WarDrumRPG
by Allen D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/27/2018 08:49:23

So I took the plunge and purchased this bundle yesterday. I am NOT disappointed! Really cool old school feel to everything. When I say old school I do not mean simple by any means! All the work is incredibly detailed. It just brings me back to my old school AD&D days.... I will be using these for Fantasy Grounds. I see myself having to make a few adjustments as some of the maps are extremely large! One is 7000 x 5000 pixels (or therabouts) and some are 4.8+ MB. For those of you that use Fantasy Grounds you will understand that is problematic. Given the maps all come with a grid (which is important as the FG grid would not be isometric), I need to keep the scale, but reduce the size of the maps. I decided I would use a screencapture program (I use snippet), to take out sections of the mega-maps to get them to say 1500 x 1500 pixels or less.

Once I have the maps the right size, the tokens can be added to NPC's (monsters), dragged to the combat tracker and then from the combat tracker to the map and they work just fine! Just lock the token scale and you are good to go! Keep in mind that some things won't work like distance. Typically if you click on an NPC an arrow will pop up showing you the distance to the target. Given there is no FG grid, distance targeting won't work (although of course you can target the NPC just like any other "flat" token type, it just want show the actual distance to the target). For me, I'm going to try these out first for a Shadow of the Demon Lord Game where distance isn't as important. I still might use them for my 5E games as well.

Anyway, I LOVE the quality of these maps and I'm anxious to play around with the tools you get in the bundle to create my own! You get a few blank maps and over 300+ props (dungeon tiles, cave tiles, buildings, etc) to create your own!

I'm really anxious to start using these and can't wait for his next product.

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Epic Isometric Bundle
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