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Delta Green: Agent's Handbook
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Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing
by Mike D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/26/2018 16:06:21

Staring into the eye of madness, the abyss, the apocalypse... if you need a one-sentence description of Delta Green, that would do. I have been a fan of Delta Green since it first appeared as a modern-day era supplement for Call of Cthulhu. I loved it then, but this is my hands-down favorite now. There are many horror-themed games on the market, but few are willing to cross that invisible line into a world where death and madness are not possibilities, they are inevitable. Delta Green pulls no punches and I love it all the more for that.

Yes, characters are fighting the "good" fight, but that's only a single (and perhaps least interesting) facet of the game. It's that downward spiral your characters inevitably slip into that really gives some gravitas and meat (pun intended) to the setting. Could you run a Mythos version of the X-Files with this? Sure. But, you'd be better off seeking your entertainment elsewhere. Pushing back the unknown, one mission at a time- that's DG. Watching your relationships disintegrate before your eyes because you can't tell them what you have seen or done, and those things invariably making you a colder, harder person... that's DG. Driving down the country road, your clothes covered in your partner's (who is dead in the seat next to you) blood and you have to get rid of the body because no one can know about how he died or why... that's DG.

I cannot give this game high enough marks. It's damn-near perfect. If you love horror and mystery that does not hold your hand, you need to buy Delta Green!

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Delta Green: Agent's Handbook
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