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Annalise Final Edition $10.00
Publisher: ndp design
by Lars L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/02/2018 03:03:57

It is a hobby of mine to read (and sometimes play ;-) indie-RPGs, especially low-prep ones.

Although I do not like vampire themes, I really do enjoy the overall concept where you focus on one secret and one vulnerability of the PC, instead on their physical attributes to hunt and slay the vampire. BTW the vampire is more a kind of background threat for the PCs to get in conflict with their secret and vulnerability and can be substituted with other monsters to a certain extend.

What I really enjoyed was the usage of "Claims". That ist that you can claim things that other players narrated (an NPC, "the light of the moon" or "swallowing shadows") and reincorporate it when it come to a "moment" where the success or failure of a situation is decided. Which is a very interesting mechanism by itself.

I found the beginning short story a good read. For the main text I would prefered some more subheadings in the text and additional elements to create more space. Maybe even a larger font.

Nevertheless it is a great game. If you like gothic horror or narrative, PC-focused games like Hill Folk you will certainly enjoy this one.

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Annalise Final Edition
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