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Apocalypse Campaign Guide $10.00
Publisher: Daring Entertainment
by Lance S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/18/2018 16:51:05

The book contains enough mechanics to help the GM flesh out their post apocalyptic world, filling in the gaps not covered by other core SW supplements. I found this book incredibly helpful for a Mad Max: Fury Road-type SW setting because it includes solid rules on vehicles, modifications, mounted weaponry, etc. In fact, WAY more helpful to me than other settings that claimed to lend themselves to the Road Warrior style of play. The idea here was to give the GM options, to help inspire ideas for stories, and not to completely redo character creation mechanics or to overwhelm you with junk you don't need (sadly, that seems to be uncommon with licensed products, which become a dumping ground for rules that don't quite work). My only complaint was that the hindrances and edges section was a little light in terms of flavor, but it's hard for fault them when the book isn't intended to specialize to a specific setting. It might have been good to include some hindrances and edges that ARE specific to a specific style of setting (they did that in the Apocalypse Unleashed book, but I just didn't care for the settings). Art wasn't particularly exciting, but could be worse. Otherwise, I have to give top marks for the effort put into this book.

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Apocalypse Campaign Guide
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