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Red Markets Quickstart Guide Pay What You Want
Publisher: Hebanon Games
by Arnd K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/15/2018 10:50:04

Okay, either I am missing something, or the quickstart very poorly explains everything. First off, it kinda just... starts, I dont expect it to explain what an RPG is, but itd be nice to have it explain 'hey, this is what makes this game different' in a nice, concise way. It finally gets into a reading order on page 10. It should have started with that.

Later still it lists 'game night prep', including the order in which you want to walk people through the explanation. This order makes sense, so why the document itself hasnt followed it is beyond me.

Besides that, the game throws out all sorts of terms it doesnt explain. It uses the term 'the market' for the GM, but nowhere explicitly states this (the very first mention of this is, regarding checks, 'ties go to the market' which I found rather confusing) It uses a whole bunch of statisctical terms as well; theres a creature that has a 'murder modifier', and characters can be 'latent' or 'immune'; by ommission I assume these mean the character is incapable of getting infected.

My final issue with the quickstart is that it looks like the sample characters are not all that useable; when I hear 'sample character' I assume I can just hand it out and play; but in this case the game calls them archetypes? and they seem to be missing some critical stuff, like hit locations. The 'game night prep' section, which for some reason is on page 13 instead of 1 or 2, says you want to print out character sheets, which I assumed referred to the sample characters provided but apparently doesnt. It also mentions having 'quick start printouts: 1 per player plus you', which I assume referes to the entire document? it then also says 'comforts: an extra rules printout or two' but if I do the former wouldnt I already have this?

Ultimately, the game itself still sounds pretty interesting, and I look forward to playing it tonight. It just does a rather poor job of explaining itself, it feels like they have never ran this by anyone that has never played the game before.

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Red Markets Quickstart Guide
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