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Scath - Shadow of the Fomori (Core Rulebook) $11.03 $7.72
Publisher: True Mask Games
by Sarah R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/29/2018 09:10:52

Nothing to really dislike about this, there is a lot of information to make a good campaign setting for any game out there. It is wonderfully grim and simple enough at the same time. The writing explains enough of the world while also leaving some things for the GM's imagination. It is incredibly varied as well and I think the GM will enjoy letting the players discover how much through their characters’ actions. The mechanics offer depth without being cumbersome and I loved the "fluff" as well, which draws inspiration from Celtic mythology which is pretty unique in the world of tabletop RPGs and adds a lot of flavor and flair.

Great product!

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Scath - Shadow of the Fomori (Core Rulebook)
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