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by Olman F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/21/2009 17:06:11

Reading this game is a pleasure. Miller clearly knows and loves the genre and a lot of time and care has been put into this book. The advice section for the Director is helpful advice for any GM. The player advice chapter, though it contains no rules, should be considered an integral part of the game. I would encourage all the players to read and absorb it, because it, in effect, lays out the terms of the implict contract between players and GM in a game like this. The subject matter is certainly R-rated and you would not want to play this game with anyone who is not comfortable watching a violent horror movie, yet there is nothing really shocking or offensive in the text, which is a testimony to the light touch of the designer. Personally, I lean towards the traditional side of the playstyle spectrum and some of the cooperative storytelling elements of Slasher Flick are not normally to my taste. But halfway through reading this, I just really wanted to get it out on the table. The text makes you want to play the game.

The rules in Slasher Flick are a clever blend of light, task-based mechanics framed by story-based timing mechanics all decorated with genre-emulating flourishes. The end result is a top notch RPG, beautifully designed to put the tension, thrills and gore of a slasher movie onto the game table. I recommend it for anyone who is a fan of the genre, a student of genre emulation in RPG's or someone who just appreciates good game design. This would make a great one-shot for halloween or at a con. It surprises me the little recognition Cynthia Celeste Miller gets. Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2 is one of the most original and elegant games of 2008. With Slasher Flick, she has done it again, in an entirely different genre. Let's hope she and Spectrum Games will generate a bit more noise in 2009 because it is well deserved.

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Slasher Flick
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