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Undead: Theme Pack $2.35
Publisher: Trash Mob Minis
by Lynn P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/10/2018 19:43:40

I purchased this briefly before it got a Silver rating. So I am taking all the credit.

All of Trash Mob Minis's... minis... are bright, bold, and colourful, which - though it may rankle the Very Serious Real Is Brown type of GM - are important things for paper minis. As small things on a big table, they need to stand out from a distance, and to be immediately recognisable as what they are. With this pack, that's particularly worth mentioning, because undead monsters tend to have a palette of "white, black, very dark grey, and occasionally spots of blue if we're going to go nuts here". The closest to that in this pack are the low-rank mummies, being mostly in white and grey, and their bloodied hands and gaping maws provide just the kind of contrast they need to stand out. The ghouls use blues and spot yellows (and, yes, bloody claws) to make themselves stand out all the more. The more Impressive figures - the crypt queen and the lich - are just gorgeous, with the crypt queen's golden mask and the lich's gold crown and purple jewels making them easily stand out from the rank and file. Frankly, if Nagash had looked this good... I don't know how to end this sentence. But Nagash didn't look this good, and dollar-for-dollar it's even more ridiculous.

(And as someone with DEX as his dump stat and an imprecise Stanley knife, I appreciate how the crypt queen's loose bandages are in a whole big block, rather than being fiddly.)

The crown jewel, naturally, is the stillborn godling/atropal, which admittedly I probably wouldn't put on a table that didn't already have an X-card or safety flower on it. WITH safety tools, however... There's a certain joy as a GM when you put down the big horrible monster mini and the players suck an indrawn breath through their teeth, and the stillborn godling is definitely a candidate for that. (And also "AUGH WHAT IS THAT GET IT AWAY".) There's no denying that even in the bold and cartoony style the minis represent, the stillborn godling is a horror. (It's the veins. The awful, awful veins, and the semi-transparent skin they imply.) And as a horror, it gives a lot of potential for GMs who want their players to understand when Poop Gets Real - as well as a nice case of filling a need, with a major campaign having an atropal hanging around in it and no apparent official miniatures to be found.

In short, buy this product. Even if you can't use the godling, the lich is worth the price of admission in and of himself. Look at his happy smile. He's just loving life.

...well. Not life as such.

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Undead: Theme Pack
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