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Cyberpunk The Second Edition, Version 2.01
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Publisher: R. Talsorian Games Inc.
by Jamie L. R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/14/2018 20:39:48

Others have written about the Cyberpunk genre and how well this system grabs it with murderous intent. Over the years I've played and run a mix of senarios from High Tech/Low Life to the Euro Golden Childern destorying the world for the corporations. However, I'd rather focus of the system itself:

On the plus side;

  • Character creation can be quick, fast & dirty for your punks, Or fill out the details with Lifepaths, skills, equipment, cyberware etc.
  • Combat is quick, brutal and deadly, which suits the genre.
  • The list of Cyberware gives PCs everything that need and opens the door to some cool ideas.
  • There is a community that have produced a lot of cool things. Like the Cyberpunk Refernce Book V5, a massive collection of notees about Cyberpunk and which source books have the information. And is a large archieve of useful material.

On the downside;

  • The technology... it's dated. Some of the tech talked about is VERY '80s, while others are right on the mark. Either way it's an interesting take on the future that is only just over a year away.
  • Netrunning. It does exprerss the idea of a digital space well, but it does create a game within the game that only Netrunners can play. This has the effect of slowing the game to a halt. So unless you have a team of netrunners PCs or it's all handled by an NPC Hacker. Moving neturunnering to the background allows the team to focus on the mean streets slick with rain.

Overall, I have many memories of the game. The system is generally simple and consisitent handling a number of genres beyond cyberpunk's distopian future. And rocks the Cyberpunk aesthetic.

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Cyberpunk The Second Edition, Version 2.01
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