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Necropolis 2350 - Figure Flats: War Masters Set (Packs 1-6) $17.50
Publisher: Triple Ace Games
by Peter S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/26/2009 16:12:03

The Good news is that the art is terrific and there are plenty of figures. The vehicles are very nice. they don't have interiors, but you can cut in your own interior if you want. Also you might be able to purchase the vehicles seperately at much less the cost because a big disappointment is that they only provide figures in the trifold position. This can be worked around if you really prefer an inverted T figure that most other paper minis are formated in. However, a bigger disappointment is that they don't allow you to copy paste or resize any of the minis so you can scale them to the size of your other products. You can only use their minis because they are not the same 25mm scale that most others are. I might be able to use a few of the figures that are kneeling but the standing ones look very small compared to most other paper and plastic 25mm figs. What were they thinking that we are going to copy and steal their miniatures. If I wanted to pirate them I would just email a copy of the file to all my friends. Locking the copy/paste feature doesn't do anything except limit the possibilities of their product and make it less desirable to the purchasing public. Too little satisfying product for the price.

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Necropolis 2350 - Figure Flats: War Masters Set (Packs 1-6)
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