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Blaze of Glory: Wild West Campaign Setting $6.99
Publisher: Golgotha Games
by John H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/07/2009 12:52:19

Forty-two page supplement 17 which are actual rules, 17 pages worth of a so-called setting, 1 page of index, & 4 pages of crappy maps. The rest is worthless. You have to own Golgotha Games’ “Spiritual Warfare” core rules to use this supplement.

This product is not worth what I paid for it. Where is the supernatural aspect of the game (a few Rhema, which is similar to spells, will not suffice)? The one page intro tries to explain what is going on but I can not figure out exactly what “is going on.” The only setting is a typical wild west town with no supernatural within its borders nor outside of it either. There is no stats on Angels or demons. The core “Spiritual Warfare” rules did not even have stats for a bestiary. There is no random event generator like in the core book either pertaining specifically to the west United States. The Old West slang section (2 pages) is sparse ( I have better resources than this section). The maps at the back of the book of “some” (5 total) buildings is awful (crap really). There is hardly any information on the American West throughout the supplement.

I am very disappointed. I wanted to have some sort of fleshed out Weird West setting to fight demons in the wild wild west. Demons and Gunslingers? Where are they? If you are looking for horror or the strange west you would be better to pick up “Werewolf: The Wild West” “All Flesh Must Be Eaten: Fistfull ‘O Zombies”, or “Deadlands”. If you want straight up Old West then look to purchase “Coyote Trail”, “GURPS: Wild West”, “Gunslingers & Gamblers”, “Boot Hill”, “Dust Devils Revenged”, Aces & Eights”, or “True20 Wild West”.

If I could I would like a refund or at least ½ of the purchase price back. Skip this product unless you really want to teach people scripture from the Bible or to role-play morality lessons (which is a good thing and then I would bump the rating to 3 stars).

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Blaze of Glory: Wild West Campaign Setting
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