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Afterday: 2D6 Adventure After the Apocalypse $3.99
Publisher: Michael Brown
by Steven W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/09/2018 11:25:32

Please note, this is a read-thru review, not a play review.

If you are already familiar with other 2d6 Sci Fi games, then this product gives you new careers, equipment lists, and brief but usable rules on post-apocalyptic settlements, animals and travel. The author also includes a brief listing of some different types of apocalypses that could have brought the old world low, which is alays a nice read in these sorts of games. If this is your first 2d6 system game then the actual rules content may be a bit sparse. For instance, some of the one line skill descriptions (such as Steward) are not too helpful in figuring out what the skill does in this campaign context.

There is a one paragraph section on post-humans in the apocalypse that basically points you to other products that will give you more details and generation systems. This is understandable, but a bit disappointing as I feel the author could have presented brief workable rules in less than a page that would have done the trick.

My one single complaint about the product is that the first 10 pages consist of the same image repeated 5 times, single sided, first as the product cover in color, then the exact same page in gray scale, then the gray scale image with publisher text, then the gray scale image with a table of contents, then the gray scale image with an author's dedication. Besides being a bit of an ink waster, it just felt like it was an unneccesary use of space.

For the price, I am very well satisfied with this product and could easily see myself using it for a short campaign or two. A bit more development and this would be 5 stars for me.

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Afterday: 2D6 Adventure After the Apocalypse
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