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Glories of the Most High: Luna $6.99 $4.19
Publisher: White Wolf
by Charles L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/06/2009 21:18:04

Having given the bundle a broad outline, some individual highlights for the different Glories books deserve mention. First, this pins Luna down in just the right way - not too much, but enough to understand. If you were wondering just why the world had a seemingly supreme and undefeatable sun god guarding it as well as a moon god of great power, a very well-detailed, evocative and thoughtful explanation lies within. The description of the actual, physical moon (in which Luna holds her own dream-like domain) presents a setting full of potential hooks, as its importance to the fluid integrity of Creation is laid bare. Hints of what Gaia is up to come up. Finally, the Charms, Knacks and thaumaturgy are all top-notch, including some that are bound to become instant favorites for, say, fans of webslingers. In a vital rules sense, you can also find a non-magical Guard Other action. Very much worth getting.

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Glories of the Most High: Luna
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