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Fantastic Maps: The Ice Temple $2.95
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by selcuk g. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/26/2009 03:21:17

" Unlike the previous reviewers, I will approch from the practical side. I must admit that the quality of the maps are high, although for me they are practically useless. First of all, the product is formatted for letter size papers. It is ok if you are an American, but on the Europe continent it is hardly the standart. If the artist would just put borders to each page and had kept the width of art to 7 inch the problem could be avoided. Unfortunatly many companies simply do not bother. If you still go and decide to paint the maps, you will end up having the most expensive map set. Even acrobat 6 is coming with multi layer option. So why can't I simply decide not to spent ink for the dark brown filler, and have that part white. Yes there is B/W option but that makes most of the details and art get lost.

At its presnt condition, the product is good for VT applications, or if you are willing to spend a fortune printing. On the other hand the art is really good, and the price is affordable. "

Now the above was my previous comment on the product. Just one day later a mail from Rite publishing poped up. They are stating that a light color and an A4 competiable version was added. That means they are closely fallowing user feedback, and quick to react. I must thank them for the excellent public relations.

On the fnal product I did not saw the maptool packs they were referring on the mail. Although the modified map corrects all my objections, and is good enough for me. The pages are now 6,5 x 9 inch/square. So y can use with any sized paper you like. Although for some reason the lay out is 1/8 sq + 6 sq + 1/5 sq in width. The length is similiarly oddly formatted. But this does not effect the usefulness of the whole. The art is great. As it is I highly recommend it to those who look unique locations. As soon as other members of the set are similiarly corrected, I will buy them :)

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Creator Reply:
I wanted to give an extra special thank you to Secuk Gozubuyuk an extra special thank you for taking the time to do an updated revieew, Steve Russell; Rite Publishing.
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Fantastic Maps: The Ice Temple
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