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Expanded Character Sheet (PFRPG) $0.99
Publisher: LPJ Design
par Dave M. [Acheteur vérifié] Date Ajoutée: 11/30/2009 12:24:07

Pretty disappointed by this to be honest. It's billed as a 19-page expanded character sheet but it's not really. The character sheet itself is only 6 pages long (these are the 6 pages you see in the preview). I thought that the 9 pages that aren't shown in the preview would contact the spell listings for the cleric, bard, etc. No. You see those little boxes on the 3rd page of the preview? That's the class-specific elements of the spell listing! Except that it's badly named. A better name would be "small space to write basic details". Even worse is that it's repeated for every magic using class when, in most cases, one would be enough (with slight word changes) to cover them all. The detail of the spell listing is on page 4 of the preview - yes, that's right, a page where you write in the spells yourself. Maybe I'm expecting too much, but the words "Spell Listing" imply to me that I'll be getting a listing of spells, not a blank space to list them myself.

What about the Campaign Notes and Session Events sections? Quarter page each. That must be a short campaign I'm expected to play in if a quarter page is all I need for campaign notes!

One bonus was the inclusion of condition cards although one of the most commonly used (at least in my games) is missing (Stunned).

Overall though, I'm not impressed. Yes, it's only $1/60p but it's not worth it.

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Expanded Character Sheet (PFRPG)
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