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Forgotten Magical Items Volume II (1000 Miscellaneous Magic Items) $9.95 $7.50
Publisher: Stainless Steel Dragon
by Victoria S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/05/2010 18:37:26

The Tome of Forgotten Magical Items Volume II (Miscellaneous Magic Items) This book has 156 pages. This is a friendly, sometimes humorous book, with more magic items then you can shake a wand at. This tome contains the kind of stuff you might find in a Harry Potter movie, magic items to make life easier in a magical world. The cover art is simple, but descriptive. There are few illustrations. (This book would easily be 500 pages if they added pictures for every item.) I got this ebook because I really liked Volume one of this tome. Volume two is remarkably different than volume one. First there are no random tables for magic generation. The whole book is one giant table. Items are alphabetical order listed from 1 to 000. Roll 3d10 to generate a number. (If the item that comes up in inappropriate for any reason, then pick something different next to it, or rearrange the numbers rolled on the dice to generate a new number.) It is a pretty simple system. I give the players a basic description of the item when found, and tell them to write the number next to it for when they get it identified. This system works well for me. The eBook is well book-marked. (A-Z, and by numbers so finding thing in it are breeze, it is also a quick and easy task to use the printed version as well.) There are a vast number of unusual items in this book. Some similar things maybe found in other books, but there is several hundred things here I have not seen before. (BTW that is what I look for in a good magic item book, something I, and my players have not seen before.) As far is the diversity of items, it looks like the author went through a dictionary and picked out every item that he could find that could somehow be made magical. From abacus that counts treasure, to a portable zoo. All items have detailed descriptions as to what they look like. There are several types of magic items in this book, ranging from the barely magical to things I would consider relics. There are some extremely personal items, like lipstick, brushes, portraits and undergarments. There are some big items to be found, but not carried, like beds, desks and doors. Some items resemble modern day appliances that were added in a humorous way. Like the, "Cube of Illusions," essentially a television set, save versus charm or be mesmerized, or a machine that can make copies of magical scrolls. Some items mimic the powers of superheroes, or their equipment. Like the "Belt of Super Powers," or a rope that mimic's Wonder Woman's lasso. There are also some items that are cursed. But, by far the majority of the items in this book are simple everyday items supplemented by unique magic powers. Forks, plates, tents, backpacks, pictures, bedrolls, saddle-bags, ointments, books, candles, etc, etc. The magical powers tend to be generalized so the item may work with all game systems. It is typical to find descriptions that state, "move at twice their normal speed," or "double their normal number of attacks," or "does the 1/2 the user health points in damage every other turn." There is also weapon to damage conversion table that allows users to cross-reference more specific damage types across various game systems for those items that require it. Many of the magic items simply have descriptions that describe what they do in such a way they can be used in any magic based role-playing game system. The "Coin of Doubling" is a typical example of this, "Each day this gold coin will create an exact double of itself. The double will appear in all respects to be a real coin of the realm. Duplicates of this coin will magically disappear after one year, so the owner of this coin may never amass more than one year's worth." Things like distance are described in feet, yards or miles, time is described in seconds, minutes, or hours. It is all very versatile and user intuitive. I use this book, and volume one, in all my D&D games, as well as in my Marvel Superheroes role-playing game.) There are many minor items that help define a character without necessarily making them more powerful, which means I can satisfy any player's lust for magic items without unbalancing my game. What can I say, I like this book, and my players love it. If you have collected every magic item book ever produced, many of these items may seem familiar to you. Many more will not, and it may still be well worth the $7.50 ebook price. If your just starting out, I would recommend buying this book among your first to fulfill most of miscellaneous magic needs.

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Forgotten Magical Items Volume II (1000 Miscellaneous Magic Items)
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