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Publisher: Silver Gryphon Games
by Andrew L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/25/2010 11:27:26

Its a great setting, perfect for a wide variety of campaigns and a whole lot of information to let you tell a good story. The added endges and hinderances along with other setting specific rules really give Wellstone a grittier feel and very enjoyable. The organizations and history of Wellstone though are really what I enjoyed the most. Im glad they went to the trouble of creating such interesting forces to contend or help with the party, and with such a long timeline you can easily slip into a different era. My only complaint is the disturbing amount of spelling mistakes and grammar errors. It does nothing to take away from how amazing the setting is but I can only hope that my next purchase from SGG has been cleaned up better. All in all I definitly recommend Wellstone City for your next Savage Worlds adventure.

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Creator Reply:
We appreciate Andrew's very kind words and we most sincerely hope that he get the opportunity to fully enjoy the book. However, we are unclear of where his spelling and grammar errors play a part; perhaps they are in one of the many pieces of one-page flavor fiction included in the book, or perhaps they are due to a spelling difference between American and British English. The flavor fiction, one piece of which is found in the preview of the book, has some colloquial errors in it that are used as creative writing devices. They differ from the rest of the book in that manner; the fiction is fiction and it serves as only a snap shot of Wellstone, and does not convey the style of writing used in the rules, history, and technical aspects of the rest of the book. We would like to take the opportunity to forward the fact that the book has been thoroughly edited by both Kevin Rohan and David Baymiller, as well as dozens of other pairs of eyes over the last six years that Wellstone has been available in some context or another.

As we have always done at Silver Gryphon Games, we urge any buyers to read the reviews thoroughly and if they spark questions, do not hesitate to drop us a line. We love getting email from fans and curious minds and we always enjoy interacting with the gaming community on a more personal level.

Kevin Rohan
Content Manager
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Wellstone City
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