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Open Core Role Playing System Classic
Pay What You Want
Publisher: Battlefield Press
by Brian R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/07/2010 18:57:23

Well first off this isn't a bad system, i rather like the set up. Especially the Attributes and Derived Attributes, this alone gets a thumbs up because i am so tired of the usual d20 OGL rip off. And this introduces a albeitly simular scores, the ability range can vary from 1-6 for a more mundane game, to 1-10 in a more extraordinary game. But there is no limit to the actual score itself. Perhaps the biggest bog down was when you had to develope your skills, i tried using the detailed skill system and found myself going way over in points. Im sure this system works alot better if you use the broad grouped skills variation of the system. Now i love playing Super Heroes, and i always try to test the system when it comes to this. And this is where i was let down. It looks like they borrowed the power/trait system from the Tri-Stat system. And the values of some of the powers and traits were simply borrowd over without taking them into account with the points the game gives you. I tried using a Very High Level game setting, to recreate an important character from my own super hero setting. And found myself 99 points over before i even got to determining drawbacks.

I give this game 3 stars over all, it has a great retake on the attribute system and skill levels. But i found the powers section, less than desirable and perhaps not thought well enough through when pricing them.

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Open Core Role Playing System Classic
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