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The Arkham Gazette #1 $8.00
Publisher: Sentinel Hill Press
by Geoff G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/09/2019 00:00:14

A solid issue that expands on what has already been written about the town of Arkham. I enjoyed all of the articles, but the ones that are "must-reads" for the Lovecraft of Call of Cthulhu devotee are the following:

  • "Arkham's Diners" (Bret Kramer): If you're like me you've never given diners much thought, but this article goes into considerable detail about how this culinary phenomenon came to be, and what one could expect when visiting one in the 1920s. Definitely an interesting take on the stereotypical RPG opening of everyone meeting in a bar.
  • "Arkham Curios" (various): A handful of strange items that may be found in and around Arkham, all with historical background ideas, staging hints, and twists they can add to your game.
  • "The Bosworth House" (Ben Wenham): A short adventure scenario focusing on a homicide investigation that dishes the creepiness in heaping portions. The main location is the house itself, a place that may or may not have a dark history - it's all up to the Game Master to decide. The author makes it clear up front that this scenario is heavily based on "The Yellow Wallpaper"*, a short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (available for free online), and like that story explores loneliness, isolation, and insanity. This scenario is also unique in that it offers the option of having one of the players be afflicted with delusions no one else can see. A challenge to play and run, but possibly very rewarding.

*The author strongly recommends the Game Master read the story before running this scenario.

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The Arkham Gazette #1
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