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War of the Dead: Chapter One (Week 1 through Week 3) $3.99
Publisher: Daring Entertainment
by Mark O. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/13/2010 11:57:05

This is a great start to what is shaping up to be an instant classic for both Savage Worlds and Zombie fans. This "volume" gives you all the setting background, chargen (including new Edges/Hindrances), and NPCs/monsters for the first 13 "episodes", along with the first 3 weeks worth of adventures to jump start your campaign. However, the subscription model is the better deal since you get this product and the 10 remaining episodes of Chapter One at a better price than buying them individually.

Chapter One is just the first quarter of what will ultimately be a year long campaign released as a series of weekly episodes. It's an ambitious plan, releasing a 52-part campaign and I'll admit I was skeptical about signing up for a year long subscription. By breaking it up into 4 smaller parts, you can get the "first course" without committing to the entire meal. Chapter One will stand on it's own, so it can provide a satisfying mini-campaign in it's own right, even if you don't buy the remaining chapters. I like it so much, I'm running it for two different groups. Personally, the quality of the writing up to this point (week 8 as of this review) has been so good that I anxiously await each week's installment and I know I'll be buying into the whole series, whether or not I get to run the entire thing or not.

The layout and artwork are good as well. The layers feature was used to allow you to turn off the background image to create your own printer friendly version for those like me that prefer a hard copy at the table.

But trust me, go for the subscription. If you buy this product because you aren't sure if you'll like it and it's a lower cost than the 20 bucks for all of Chapter One, you'll be hooked and end up buying the remaining weeks anyway, only you'll end up paying more.

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War of the Dead: Chapter One (Week 1 through Week 3)
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