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High Elves Set $3.00 $1.80
Publisher: Arion Games
by Joe K. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/16/2010 08:59:54

The high elf set is a three page product of stand up paper miniature figures. The large preview of the high elf lord on the first page, shows a tremendous amount of detail rendered onto the figures. The problem however, lies in the size of the figures when reduced to the approximate 28mm size. A lot of the things you can see on the blown up illustration are not visible.

The preview pages for the product do a good job of showing a buyer what he is purchasing. The figures are a mix of meant to tabletop and gaming. For example, the gaming ones are duplicated on side views which makes them fit the 'large' category with games like 3.5 or 4e. Then there are front facing illustrations that have room to make a stand on the bottom with the 'triange' pose where the figure is standing upright and the bottom is the connection between the top top facing sides and a third unseen bottom side.

The figures are a mix of mounted and standing with most of the figures being male with a minority of female illustrations. For example, on the page where all riders are on horse, all of the figures appear to be male. In this case, of fourteen standing figures, approximatley two of them appear to be female.

The High Elves Set also has one typo on my copy where it has ARG110-Beastmen Set on page 3. I can see the last page having a different product no (ARG111) but Beastmen Set? That's a little sloppy.

In the end, if you do not like computer generated graphics for your gaming purposes, this set will not do it for you. At it's current on sale price of $2.25, it might be a wise investment to review the style and see if it fits your gaming needs.

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High Elves Set
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