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Kingdoms of Legend: World Guide
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Publisher: Interaction Point Games
by Sean H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 08/15/2010 19:52:25

Kingdoms of Legend: World Guide is a 36-page PDF (33-pages if you remove the covers and OGL page) for the Pathfinder RPG written by Brent Evanger and published by Interaction Points Games. This product is the part of IPG’s Kingdoms of Legend line.

The layout is a standard page in two columns (except for the introduction and fiction). A full color page-sized map is included as is a full color jpg of the map in a separate file. The interior art is black and white but supports the product well.

Kingdoms of Legend is set in an alternate version of Earth, c. 1415 CE, with gods, magic and various humanoid races. This product provides an overview of the setting, providing the basic information needed for a campaign in the Kingdoms of Legend.

The product begins with a short introduction to the setting and then moves onto the first section which is a history, from ancient legends to the current era, ending with a brief overview of the current situation in this version of Europe.

Next is a section of races which include two new ones, half-dwarves and half-gnomes, as well as the minor changes to the standard Pathfinder races. The half-races are interesting in this setting as they are only partly from interbreeding, if a group of dwarves chooses to worship the human pantheon (more about which later) they slowly become more human as well, first becoming half-dwarves and then, over the generations, just human.

The section on classes details the changes to the classes (most quite minor) and the most likely place in the Kingdoms for characters with the various classes to come from. Clerics have the most changes as they are followers of the dominant Twelve (a syncretic pantheon aligning the Romano-Greek deities with their counterparts in Celtic and Germanic belief), who are the gods of humankind or the Fallen or the Primordials (the Titans). Clerics who are not followers of the Twelve need a physical tie, a relic, to their gods to be able to easily cast their spells which has some interesting roleplaying and adventuring possibilities.

There is a full chapter devoted to languages in the setting, as it is modeling a historical period there is no ‘common tongue’ and many languages around. There is some discussion about the lingua franca available and ways for characters without a shared language to communicate. Along with each of the major languages is a handful of names (useful for on the fly characters).

The product concludes with a geography chapter that lists the major political entities in capsule form along with places of interest (potential adventuring sites). A full page chart listing the gods is also included.

The Kingdoms of Legend: World Guide is a solid starting point if one is interested in this sort of campaign. For those without as much interest in a quasi-historical, it can be useful as a resource for languages and ways of organization.

Disclosure: As a featured reviewer for RPGNow/DriveThroughRPG, I received my copy of this product for free from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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Kingdoms of Legend: World Guide
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