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Cultures of Celmae: Oyapok 2e $3.99
Publisher: Wayward Rogues Publishing
by Cameron D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/07/2019 18:46:46

I grew not far from a pond and a river, so I am all too familiar with the little critters that inspired this race which Robert so beautifully put together. One part river rat, one part muskrat, and one part otter, the Oyapok are my kind of race - nomadic waterfaring wanderers in search of the next hunt or their next cove to dock in. With excellent feats such as Tough Tail or Wash Pain Away, and fantastically engaging lore - Cultures of Celmae: Oyapok 2e is more than just a race supplement, going above and beyond in 11 pages that some race pieces struggle to do in more. Definitely worth the price, and you get so much more than just a race for Pathfinder - you get whole new roleplay opportunities and gateways.

Comics, Clerics, & Controllers d20 Roll: Nat 20

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Cultures of Celmae: Oyapok 2e
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