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War of the Dead: The Paper Dead $5.99
Publisher: Daring Entertainment
by Thomas B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 09/26/2010 01:12:16

In anticipation of my upcoming review of The War of the Dead, let's take a look at The Paper Dead, the first series of paper figures for The War of the Dead.

First off, the figures can be folded trifold or bifold...and for mounted figures, you can make little slits in the vehicle and figure to slide them on. The PDF is layered, so you can "turn off" figures that you don't need to print. That's not quite as cool as Precis Intermedia's customizable sets, but I don't know of anything in the industry that matches those.

The Paper Dead offers three pages of unique zombies of all one offering 24 completelty unique shamblers, including priests, mechanics and grocery shoppers still pushing their carts.

The next page offers another 24 shamblers, with a couple in wheelchairs and an assortment of zombie kids, as well as zombies missing their legs.

The third page of zombies offers some very creepy variants meant to be teasers for upcoming adventures such as hulking Ragers, Sprinters, Generals and very creepy zombie newborns.

Six zombie swarm templates are offered, four small, one medium and one large, when you just wanna overlay a mess of zombies.

We then get an assortment of survivors, starting with janitors, street walkers, retirees, expectant mothers and double amputee war veterans.

The next batch offers a Shaun of the Dead tribbute, a goth chick with a chainsaw, a shotgun wielding preacher, a sheriff, biker gang leader and firefighter.

The next page is filled with "generic" types, such as bikers, militia, soldiers and special ops.

Various animals are included on the next page, from horses to feral dogs and guard dogs to ferrets(!)

Motorcycles and bicycles follow.

The next page features counters for cars and the like, and then we get a scale model RV...including extra bits you can add onto the RV for a "zombie plow" and to "zombie proof" the RV!

A series of bases and door markers are included, as are special status markers for the Savage Worlds effects.

This is one of the coolest figure flats sets I have ever seen. If you are running War of the Dead, or any zombie RPG using any kind of minis, I recommend this product highly.

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War of the Dead: The Paper Dead
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