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Quantum Collapse $15.00
Publisher: 4 Devils Studio
by Roderick B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/03/2019 13:55:36

On the technical side, there are two pdfs. The first is two pages of the front and back covers. The second is 67 pages. There are no bookmarks. Several words are not just split between lines, but sometimes between pages in places.

The art is fun with a unified style. It might not be to everyone's liking, but it is consistent and is the high point of the product for me.

Early on the book explains what they mean by multiverse and how realities interact in their setting. This is followed by four pages of world building for the core setting. After that is four pages of new rules with three campaign hooks. These four pages were the second most useful part of the book for me. The book goes on to share some information on seven heroes in the setting. It includes stats for three of them. There is background for six villains, but only stats for one of the villains and two of their minions. The book transitions into organizations at this point. This was the best part of the book aside from the art with at least several paragraphs talking about each organization. The content section finishes with a short story. Twenty three pages are SRD rules. These are enough rules to learn the basics of M&M, but nowhere near enough for a player to know what their character is capable of if they read this section and was handed a pregenerated character.

There are a couple of nuggets, but most of the content is filler. I feel like I bought the free promotion material for a future product with some things added in to make it feel like there is more substance. The pdf informs the reader that there is more product coming down the line. I believe I would have been less disapointed if I knew what was and was not included before buying. Then again, I would not have bought Quantum Collapse at half the price had I known. The impression I had before purchase was the product was an adventure or possibly a campaign setting with more product to expand it later.

The product is a familiar concept with some explanation on how one group pursued the idea if you can dig around the extraneous bits.

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Quantum Collapse
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