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Hex Dungeon Starter Set $9.99
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
by Matthew T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/03/2019 17:28:14

While the tiles are quite nice and pretty fast to print, I found the pegs didn't fit particularly well and if they fit at all, the adjoining tile was lifted up slightly. Perhaps there's something in the profile that needs tweeking but I've no problems with the dragonlock tiles I routinely print. Edit: Seems that when I updated my slicer (cura 4.1) to 4.3, it did something with the creawesome mod. This resulted in issues while printing, I installed the legacy ender 3 printer from fat dragon games and it's working much better now, I think we'd appreciate some visuals on using these hex tiles though! edit: I'm thinking how a room would look or a corridor, perhaps a     basic dungeon layout just using the starter set

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Creator Reply:
wondering if you downloaded the updated files? they should align much better. please let me know if you are still having issues, and thanks for picking them up!
Glad you figured it out! What would you like in a way of visuals? Ill see what i can come up with. These are kid of a new and experimental thing, so if you just need to see how to use specific parts like the different walls, I'd be happy to try and whip up a visual instructions thing!
Ok, I will render one up and add it to the product page, thank you for your feedback :)
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Hex Dungeon Starter Set
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