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Future Armada: Talon $5.95
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by Nick M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/19/2010 05:17:11

Future Armada just keeps getting better and better. The deck plans are fantastic and very atmospheric and the write up is inspiring. While I don't use either the D20 system or the exact background present in my campaign neither intrude too much.

For a very reasonable price you get 2 ship - one large and one small. The larger ship 'Talon' has a couple of possible configuration lending itself to being a simple smallish cargo vessel (suitable for something like the typical traveller tramp trader) or a warship configuration making it suitable for a more agressive party or enemy vessel.

The smaller ship 'Wyvern' is definitely meant as a hostile. While its less flexible for a campaign its essentially a bonus piece. The Wyvern feels like a taster for further future armada releases (I hope so)

My ownly complaint - theres too long between Ki Ryn releases, I'm already anticipating the next one!

All told the best deckplans on the market.

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Future Armada: Talon
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