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e-Adventure Tiles: Swamps
Publisher: SkeletonKey Games
by Michael T. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 11/24/2010 14:42:10

Because I'm a bit of a completist, I get very frustrated if I'm not able to perfectly detail the terrain of a particular role-playing game scenario with tiles. I've long been fond of Ed Bourelle's products from SkeletonKey Games – he has a crispness to his cartography that is unrivalled. So when I needed a mat for my son's dinosaur play set, Ed's fabulous work was the first place I turned to.

Truth is, I didn't need to print out anything. I had, years before my son was born, printed out the tiles on high quality photo stock. I wisely saved them (the cost of printing these tiles will kill an entire print cartridge in one run) and when I needed a swampy foundation to place our prehistoric volcano, I just took it out and taped it together.

How complicated can a swamp be? Very, as it turns out, thanks to Ed's ingenious ability to mix and match tiles. Certain land masses match up with others such that you can create multiple connecting tiles of above-water or underwater terrain. The detail is crisp and the bright blues and greens really look attractive.

It's also a great place for swamp dinosaurs!

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e-Adventure Tiles: Swamps
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