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Advanced Options: Inquisitors' Judgements $3.99
Publisher: Rogue Genius Games
by Dark M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/22/2010 16:33:39

Advanced Options: Inquisitor's Judgments by Super Genius Games

This product is 8 pages long. It starts with a cover, and intro. (2 1/2 pages) This also gets into how to use more judgments with the inquisitor and keep it balanced.

New Judgments (1 page) Accuracy – increases range increments of ranged attacks. Alacrity – Increases movement. Alliance – bonus to hit and dmg when flanking. Concealment – bonus to stealth. Felling – bonus to trip. Forceful – bonus to bull rush. Freeing – bonus to escape artist rolls. Guarding – bonus to adjacent allies AC. Mysticism – bonus to caster level when casting spells. Relentless – bonus to CMD. Sagacity – can make knowledge checks to learn of monsters special abilities or flaws. Striking – can help overcome DR. Theurgy – bonus to caster level checks and concentration checks. Unarming – bonus to disarm. Warding – bonus to saves to adjacent allies.

Greater Judgments (1 page) Banishment – protection against summoned creatures and can banish them. Durability – reduces the effect of ability drain and ability damage. Inexorability – gain spell resistance. Regeneration – gains regeneration ability. Revelation – can see invis and bonus to perception. Torment – when hit by weapon target must save or be sickened from pain. Weakening – causes ability score damage from attacks.

The Justicar (2 pages) Variation of the Inquisitor. D10, 2 good saves, 6 skills, full BaB, all weapons and armor but tower shields. Basically trades spells for more judgments, full BaB and a few other class abilities. A nice spell-less version to the class.

New Feats (1 ½ pages) There is 7 new feats.

It ends with a 1 page OGL. (1 page)

Closing thoughts. The layout, editing are good as you would expect from SGG. The artwork inside is nice black and white artwork. Most of the new judgments where good to very good, I wasn't a fan of the ones that add bonuses to things like trip though, I found them kinda meh personally. The new feats are well done, the class is a interesting variation of a spell-less version of the inquisitor. Not sure it was needed but for those that wanted such it is a nice addition. Taken as a whole it is a solid SGG product. I am giving it a 4 star review.

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Advanced Options: Inquisitors' Judgements
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