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Publisher: Goblinoid Games
by Bryan I. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/23/2010 13:16:23

Timemasters is a welcome blast from the past. I missed out on this one back in the 80s when it was released by the much missed “Pacesetter” games, because I was determinedly snapping up their excellent first edition of “Chill” instead. so, discovering Orphite here with this (if you will pardon the pun) timeless classic, was a joy indeed, and I finally gave it a try.

I am very glad I did.

Timemasters is odd in that it feels both fresh and new as well as retro chic when you reed it. Written in the early 80s it still competes quite well with modern RPGs and has a simple, fast and fun set of mechanics that let you get into the game very quickly but don’t feel like they are skimping on detail or playability either.

Of course Timetravel is an enduring human interest and has been since before H G Wells wrote “The time Machine” ( a novel which is invoked in the design of the time corps crono-scooter) but which has endured to the current day because deep down the idea fascinates many of us.

So, easy to get into and play, fun and comprehensive, with subject matter that has an enduring appeal to the average role-player or Sci-fi fan. what more could you ask for really? Well, okay, perhaps the retro style art isn’t everyone's post-modern cup of tea, but then I always preferred playability and fun to pretty pictures which is why I spend my free time playing RPGs rather than reading comics (not that there is anything wrong with either hobby!).

What makes the game even more interesting is that as well as the obvious time travelling element it works in parallel universes and worlds, lending the game an even more broad aspect than the huge range of adventures presented in a game that can be set in any time period from now to the incredibly far future.

This is a gem of a game which should appeal equally well to retro fans and those who usually prefer more modern RPGs.

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