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Electric Bastionland
Publisher: Bastionland Press
by Ba a. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/17/2020 11:40:01

My opinions after 2 sessions

  • [] Electric Bastionland is world interaction driven design distilled to its purest crystallized form. The excess fat of mechanical buttons and feats trimmed.
  • [] Engaging character creation that worldbuilds and produce characters with distinct narrative silhouettes.
  • [] Includes the most effective guide on how to run Electric Bastionland and like-minded games I’ve ever seen.

Things you should know before buying

  • [] The core ruleset is highly cohesive and non-modular, it’s difficult to effectively hack compared to its peers, which is not bad, but not what I'm used to. Reskinning Electric Bastionland for your own setting becomes a significant effort with the > 100 detailed failed careers, so you'll definetly want to use the built-in setting.
  • [] Advancement is largely off-loaded to the DM. Players, nor the system is in full control of their own growth. I would have liked to see more examples of how diegetic growth works and how to create opportunities/effects for it.
  • [] That it has become my favorite RPG.

5/5 Gum (cedar)

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Electric Bastionland
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