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Publisher: Nocturnal Media
by Gary W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/04/2011 17:57:24

Nothing turns me off a game faster than a vague, confusing character generation system. You are told you get 18D to divide between your six Attributes, and how many you can put in any one attribute. Ok, clear. But then you are told to "prioritize" your other abilities, like Skills, Modfications, Resources, but not told how many dice this prioritization gives you for each. If I make Skills my top priority, how many D do I have to divide between them? How many skills? How do I determine at chargen how much Resources and nanotech I get? Where I come from? No word that I can find is devoted to these pressing questions. At the very least, the information is unclear. Also, something called "Steel Helix" is repeatedly mentioned as effecting the setting but is never simply explained.

A confusing mess of a game that at first looked really cool.

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