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E-Z DUNGEONS: Expansion Set 5 $2.99
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
by Peter I. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/17/2011 12:16:49

There are only a handful of publishers that stand out in my mind for producing 3D terrain objects and structures for gaming, Fat Dragon Games being one of them. Their E-Z Dungeon series of products is a fantastic display of high quality art, ease of design and build, and general user-friendliness. The structures that this series of products can create cover the majority of the basics, and with six expansions sets at the time of writing this review, there is a lot of additional material on offer to expand your 3D offerings around the gaming table. This product, E-Z Dungeons - Expansion Set 5, is not the largest of the various expansion sets, but does provide some vital items to populate your dungeons with - more objects. The focus on objects in these expansion sets is very welcome, as good 3D dungeon objects are hard to come by, particularly for cardstock craft.

E-Z Dungeons - Expansion Set 5 provides several pdf files containing general instructions for assembling and creating cardstock creations, specific instructions related to this expansion set, and several pdf files for the various objects and dungeon features that this product contains. The general instruction set is one of the most pleasing I've seen, making it easy for even the total amateur to assemble something that looks fantastic. The instructions give numerous useful tips on crafting high quality cardstock structures, including such ideas as using bobby pins to hold various sections of a structure together. This is a fantastic introduction to cardstock modelling, and very well presented with good photographs and detailed, yet simple, step by step instructions. The specific instructions for this set follow in a similar vein, making it easy to construct the various objects on offer.

This expansion set provides the following structures or objects - bookcases in a variety of options and wood colors, bedding and beds, various crates, broken tables and a spiral staircase, all easily customizable within the pdf product. Artwork is fantastic and detailed, allowing you to create something that looks realistic on the gaming table. The product makes excellent use of good textures and colors to give that real-world feel to all the crafted structures. The modular design of some of the structures also offers room for expansion simply by printing out more of the modular sections. Overall, this is a top-quality offering of more 3D objects with which to create the ultimate table prop. Excellent product.

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E-Z DUNGEONS: Expansion Set 5
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