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The Complete Eternal Lies Suite $14.95
Publisher: Pelgrane Press
by Ben G. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/31/2011 11:05:44

Wow. It's not often that I get to start off a review with that word, so I'd like to use it again. Wow!

Pelgrane Press has released over sixty minutes of music to accompany their forthcoming Cthulhu campaign, Eternal Lies. The Eternal Lies Suite consists of 27 tracks of moody, orchestrated music featuring addition sound samples. Created by James Semple, Marie-Anne Fischer, Mike Torr, and Yaiza Varona, you're going to want to check this out.

I saw this as a random, new product announcement from DriveThruRPG with a chance to review it and I am very, very glad I've taken the time to download and listen to it. This is a moody, eclectic and above all well crafted soundtrack which has the hairs on the back of my neck standing at attention.

The music itself is a combination of orchestrated soundtrack style classical music with the occasional jazzy riff thrown in to give it a film noir feel. The music is haunting and beautiful, with just the right blend of sampled sounds (wind, breathing, creepy noises and more) to amp up the shiver factor without detracting from the music itself. Designed with the Eternal Lies setting in mind, you will have absolutely no problem using this in any setting where you need to induce a looking over your shoulder, hearing strange noises, god-what's-in-the-basement! feeling.

The tracks blend seamlessly in to each other allowing for randomized play if that's the kind of thing you like. Standout tracks include Hanger, Tibet, In the Mountain, Traveling 1 & 2 and for extreme action scenes, Run! Is this really that good? It's going on my iPod and has been uploaded to Amazon's Cloud already, so yes!

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The Complete Eternal Lies Suite
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