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DragonLords Set $3.00
Publisher: Arion Games
by Michael J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/31/2011 18:53:10

Please note that this review replaces my previous review (now deleted) in which I made a mistake about the content of the download. I would mention, however, that if you're as stupid as me, it's best to realise that there are TWO downloadable files - one for pdf and one for Powerpoint.

Having said that, the content of this set is excellent. The many different variants of the Dragonlord characters allow for more immersive gameplay. The Dragonlords (and lady) are depicted on foot, on horseback and on dragon. Also, it seems to me that the ppt file depicts the dragon mounted characters twice, with the dragon walking and in flight. I couldn't see the in-flight version in the pdf file - please correct me if I'm wrong. I've been wrong before - see above. : (

The artwork is very well done. in that CGI sort of way, as is usual for Arion miniatures. I was so impressed, I have just invested £20 in the Fantasy bundle.

On the trifolds, I would have liked a top view of the dragon (like the Viper Interceptor in the freebie demo set.)

On some of the minis I thought there was too much white space (see the walking-dragon-mounted dragonlady trifold to see what I mean). Happily, having the Powerpoint version means you can separate the image from the mini frame and adjust it to suit. (I did struggle at first with the ppt file as I have not used Powerpoint before, but I soon figured out how to separate and copy each mini onto a new page to create an army of dragons. I also wanted to resize the figures and change the sizes of the mini frames. I found that having selected the mini in question, you have to 'ungroup' it to separate the various elements. You can then drag the bits apart until you can pull out the image and then do what you want with it. Having created a new mini, you just select the whole thing and 'group' it together.

It would be possible, for example, to create a 'quad-fold mini, ie a four-sided mini with the front and rear figures from the flat mini and the two side views from the trifold.

Or you can take the two side views from the horse-mounted characters to make a side-view flat mini.

And it's easy to make giant or halfling versions of your favourite monster. A giant dwarf? A new race of halfling trolls? The worlds biggest spider ever? Or juvenile versions. Even really ugly ogres must have kids.

The detail on these figures is too good to be wasted just on minis. Blow them up and use them as PC portraits or handouts for your players so they can see what they're fighting.. I've done a bit of fiddling in Paint Shop Pro and have got a full-page B&W line drawing of a minotaur which my grandson is colouring in. Tomorrow, he'll meet it's mini in a dungeon. I Grey-Scaled a dragon, (pardon the pun!) pasted in a clip-art plinth, and now I've got a dragon statue mini. I played around with the Colourise button on a green dragon and got a range of dragons from gold to blue to red to purple.

I'm sorry for going on so much about this, but I feel it is an important attribute of Arion figures that you can manipulate them in this way. (I'm not sure whether Graham - the artist - would approve but I'm sure he'll tell me if he doesn't.)

Anyway, an excellent purchase.

And don't forget, if you buy this or any set or try the free ones, you need to download both files. (You'll get two identical file names on your RPGnow download page.)

Arion figures, more than just minis.

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DragonLords Set
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