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What Gallen Found (P1) $3.95
Publisher: Ridgecrest Adventure Company
by Nathaniel R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/13/2020 18:58:10

I was surprised that the writing was not done by an official Paizo writer; this is top-shelf fitting for the genre.

I really enjoyed how the story makes use of character motivations rather than hamfisted new mechanics to give an experience unique to the adventure.

Using weak mooks in engaging ways always makes me excited for Pathfinder, and WGF does this very well.

I like that the author really Conidered the effect of the settiung and central macguffin on the larger world and behaviors of everyone involved.

The factions are neat.

10/10, would play another adventure set here!

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What Gallen Found (P1)
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