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Advanced Feats: The Inquisitor's Edge (Pathfinder RPG) $3.99
Publisher: Kobold Press
by Shane O. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/16/2011 14:49:31

Feats are one of the best and most obvious ways to differentiate characters. Two characters of the same race, class, and level can be radically different depending on what feats they take, not just mechanically but also in terms of characterizing what sort of person they are and what their background is. Now design feats based around the inquisitor class from the APG – a class which is already full of flavor – and you’ve got some exceptionally colorful feats waiting to happen. Case in point, Advanced Feats: The Inquisitor’s Edge.

This sixteen page book introduces thirty new feats, only four of which are specific to the inquisitor class. The remaining feats cover thematic areas that the class excels at, but which most other characters could conceivably fill. For example, the Track Spirits feat lets you track incorporeal creatures, whereas Magical Savant lets you treat one mental ability score as though it were 4 points higher only for the purpose of determining what level of spells you can learn and cast.

Of course, the best part of this book (and indeed, all books in the Advanced Feats series) is the author’s insights, presented with a small commentary section at the end of each feat. Getting to peek “behind the curtain” as it were has always been both entertaining and informative, and this is no exception. The author telling us how the Eschew Divine Focus feat can be used to make an inquisitor who goes undercover since he doesn’t need a holy symbol is as evocative as it is fun.

There are also three sample class builds at the end of the book. These present a series of specific steps (telling you race to take, what feats to take when, what ability scores to raise, etc.) to make an inquisitor that excels in a certain area. These are the bloodhound (specializing in tracking down his prey and giving it a beat down), the wolf in sheep’s clothing (specializing in infiltration via lies and enchantments to make people think they’re trustworthy), and the detective (a Sherlock Holmes-esque blend of crime solver and skilled combatant using an enemy’s weaknesses against them). Each of these also has a sidebar covering the themes that these characters tend to deal with in game.

Unfortunately, a few errors did creep into the book. In a few places the author lists the Track feat (which doesn’t exist in Pathfinder) as a prerequisite. That’s a bit of an embarrassment (though certainly an understandable one) for one of the primary guys behind the Netbook of Feats. Also, in a number of places where there’s supposed to be a dash there’s instead a boxed X symbol, which throws off the next letter’s formatting slightly. These are small things, but they do mar what’s otherwise a flawless book.

Having said that, this book is still an excellent addition to any Pathfinder game. The new feats it presents are a boon to any character, particularly inquisitors, and the sample builds offer some great ideas about how to make an inquisitor that performs a given suite of tasks exceptionally well. Give your inquisitor an edge with Advanced Feats: The Inquisitor’s Edge.

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Advanced Feats: The Inquisitor's Edge (Pathfinder RPG)
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