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War of the Dead: The Paper Dead $5.99
Publisher: Daring Entertainment
by Brian H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/30/2011 20:30:14

This set has a great selection of survivors, zombies, and soldiers, any of which would make great opponents, extras, mooks, or whatever NPC you might need for a modern zombie game. Best of all, I didn't notice any real repeats.

There are a lot of extras beyond the usual paper miniatures included in this set. There are bases for alternate 2d usage and a papercraft RV/camper. The inclusion of doors I found an interesting touch which would be good to use with dry erase type maps.

For those of you using it for Savage Worlds zombie settings (such as the War of the Dead itself) there are zombies in standard sized burst templates (good for getting the point across that there might just be too many zombies for the PCs to live through) and markers for Shaken, Wounded, and "on fire" status.

All told, this is a great set filled with a great selection of minis and the artwork is better than a lot of the other paper mini sets I've seen.

Highly recommended for your zombie needs.

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War of the Dead: The Paper Dead
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