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Future Armada: Argos III & Invictus [BUNDLE] $17.00 $13.00
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by andrew b. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/13/2011 10:45:38

I was very impressed with this bundled set. Everything one could need to play a political/action space opra game is here. Included in this set is artwork portraying all the different ships at least once, with more shots of the namesakes of the two products. There are large overview maps and detailed tiles which overlay in a staggering amount of patterns. d20 stats are given for some NPCs and all the space vehicles present. There are section descriptions with interesting tidbits thrown in along the way as well as keyed points with specific names for businesses, etc. Each product has a shuttle and a fighter making a total of four smaller, practical ships, the capital ship, and a huge space station. This is not a 'slacker' product and used as it it is perfect.

The fun part is seeing what it can be used as. The tiles can be arranged or even whole section maps recycled as bad guy bases or shoot out scenes at water reclamation centers or whatever one can imagine. Everything is well organized and after flipping through the PDFs a few times, it all makes sence. This is a good product and I know I am echoing what almost everyone else says about this company, but darn it, its true. If you play SciFi games, purchase this product. Its worth this price just obtaining all the detailed and interesting maps. Whenever a game doesnt go the way you want it and the players start waundering off the reservation, its nice to have someplace to go. This gives you all of the setting one could need in a station, a city, some corridor in some starship, whatever.

Ki Ryn Studios puts a full days work in thier products. This isnt some space filler and a few line drawings on a computer like what Ive gotten with products about as expensive as this one. This is a lot of detail and organization and preparation all brought together and placed under your fingertips. If you read all of the comments, none of them say anything bad. I dont remember reading one negative comment about any of the Future Armada products, because believe me I checked on them. This is the only bundle of thier products, buy it, check out what they can do. You will be crooning thier praises in the comments section yourself.

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Future Armada: Argos III & Invictus [BUNDLE]
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