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Eclipse Phase: Lack $0.00
Publisher: Posthuman Studios LLC
by Ben K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/26/2011 12:13:56

This product is excellent. It's just a quick short story, but a great introduction to the Eclipse Phase universe. Eclipse Phase material (with the exception of some presentation/graphic design elements) is Creative Commons licensed, so you could just remix this if you own the full manual, but I didn't mind paying 0.99 to someone else to have the ePub formatting work done for me.

This and the other ePubs are great introductions to the flavor that the Eclipse Phase universe has, and a good way to sell the campaign to players (or even game masters). Lack is an excellent presentation of one detail a lot of players will be skeptical of - that you can allow for a resurrection / respawn mechanic in a table top RPG and maintain realistic internal universe mechanics and a strong degree of scientific verisimilitude.

Highly recommended.

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Eclipse Phase: Lack
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