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Publisher: QuikLink Interactive, Inc.
by Mabmoro D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/01/2011 07:06:06

When I saw this book, and the publisher, it struck me how ironic it was that I had just recently begun a Traveller20 game with my friends. Purchasing this PDF, I immediately saw the similarities... and then realized that it was almost identical to the earlier rulebook.

This book is effectively a carbon copy of the Traveller20 Traveller's Handbook, with most of the Traveller product specifics taken out. It includes the rules needed to make a character and to play the game, but is missing the vehicle, computer, and starship creation rules (apparently they're being reworked for a later product.)

Unfortunately, it retains some of what I view as T20's problems. Specifically, it's based off of the early d20 game system (Dungeons and Dragons 3.0), and have some skills that don't really work or mesh well. The proofreading and editing of the book is also somewhat jarring, making reading somewhat difficult.

Overall, however, it's very much worth the price of admission.

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SciFi20 Player's Guidebook
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