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100 Conspiracies $7.50
Publisher: Postmortem Studios
by Jeffrey V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/02/2011 18:52:49

While I agree with many of the comments in Michael Dolan's review, I would add a few more:

On the plus side, the author does and excellent job of providing a "reader's digest" summation of most of the truly weird conspiracy theories floating around out there (though there are a few he misses). His organizational skills make it easy to dig into the superficialities of the various conspiracies, though if you want to really pull out all the stops, you're still going to need a LOT of hours on the internet reading some weird s**t. Still, for $7.50, you get a jump start on your research and, together with Richard Hite's work you should be in conspiracy heaven.

On the negative side, Mr. Dolan failed to mention that some of the run-on sentences and truly horrid grammar in the conspiracy explanations can actually leave you MORE confused than when you started. In addition, there is the occasional misspelling which can also briefly confuse since such misspellings are typical of the "spell-check" mindset -- that is, they are spelled "correctly," but it's completely the wrong word. I was frankly disappointed by the level of proof-reading, though I'm finding that particular failure to be more and more common as companies seem to let the computer do their editorial review for them, and don't bother to actually read their material prior to publishing anymore.

I give this one three stars, simply because all it really is is an introduction to the topic (though an excellent one for the neophyte) and the various issues noted by myself and Mr. Dolan do make it both harder to use and less useful than it ought to be.

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100 Conspiracies
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