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Renaissance - D100 black powder SRD $0.00
Publisher: Cakebread & Walton
by Alex G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/30/2011 15:59:43

A supplement fully compatible with RuneQuest and Legend, Renaissance uses a setting contemporaneous with the Renaissance period in Europe.

This document is the SRD for the game, and contains complete rules to run the game, from character generation to equipment lists, game engine, combat mechanic and two forms of magic - alchemy and witchcraft.

Set in the Age of Black Powder and sail, you create characters who are of their age - drawing from recognisable social backgrounds ranging from peasants through to the middle classes, all the way up to the gentry and nobility. Professions, from Agitator and Alchemist through Journalists (yes, really, you can play a middle class journalist in this game!) to the likes of Watchman and Witch, are covered.

The setting feels familiar - more contemporary than other Basic Roleplaying-style settings, with black powder weapons, recognisable institutions such as Oxford University and things like currencies in Pounds, Shillings and Pence rather than Silver Pieces and Copper Pieces.

In its feel, the setting and game feel strongly like a similar game, White Wolf's old game Mage: the Sorcerer's Crusade, which was set in a similar time of progress and adventure.

You can use the SRD on its own, port the setting whole cloth into Legend or simply poach the Alchemy and black powder rules for your Legend game. Ditto, you can bring in the Divine Magic rules from Legend and have your Renaissance witch characters dedicate POW in literal Pacts with deadly infernal forces. In any case, I highly commend this useful document.

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Renaissance - D100 black powder SRD
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