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Future Armada: Cygnus $5.95
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by Alexander O. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/02/2012 09:04:18

This is a solid buy for a ship that will hopefully be the focus of your campaign, or at least figure prominently for several adventures.

The PDF download comes with (1) book with the stats, history, explanations for the Cygnus Science Vessel shown on the cover, the Aquila (a lesser version of the Cygnus) and a shuttlecraft; (2) a set of color maps for the ships; (3) a set of B&W maps for the ships. There's also a folder with art depicting the Cygnus and the Aquila.

I like the redundancy of maps, which are clearly presented and annotated at a smaller scale in the main book to give an idea where everything is (especially important for the Cygnus, which is the biggest ship); and at a larger scale in the color and B&W versions.

I've picked up another Future Armada product before this one and, having seen the continuing quality of work, would buy the rest as well as soon as I can get started running my campaign!

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Future Armada: Cygnus
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