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Publisher: Basic Action Games
by Marc H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/04/2012 12:45:20

Intro: I have Savage Worlds, and am a huge fan of it, and was thinking about using it for the ubiquity setting of Regime Diabolique, wich i loved but somehow just couldn't get the hang of the system. It is a great system, but just not for me.

And then this came along. Sliced bread for swashbuckling. Awsome! The system is easy, yet complete, and has a tremendous swashbuckling feel. I am so going to use this for Regime Diabolique!

It's not going to replace Savage Worlds as my go to system, but having this for my musketeer action will keep that fresh, and keep SW fresh for other stuff as well. One minor flaw: I had to turn to Barbarians of Lemuria to get some divine magic rules ( it has a free version, but it would have been nice to have that in this set of rules as an option )

Get it......It's awsome

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for the review, Marc!
Regarding "Divine Magic", there are some things. On page 189 it says that the Clergy career can be used to transfer a blessing that is used to fight unholy monsters like demons and undead. Likewise they can make prayers that grant protection to allies against such unholy monsters and sorcery. They can also do exorcisms on unholy creatures.

You are right that Clergy are not by default "magic". Mysticism is not part of the the "normal" training that they would receive. However, there is nothing stopping a person with the Clergy career from also having the Magician, Astrologer, or Alchemist career if you want to have a character more focused on the mystical. The Soothesaying aspect of Divination magic might be especially appropriate if viewed as "miracles" or talking to spirits.
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Honor + Intrigue
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