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GM Screen Inserts--Tour of Darkness $3.95 $2.96
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
by Thomas R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/06/2012 16:15:46

Buy it mostly for the artwork.

This set features good artwork that will make for a decent looking screen. However there are lots of setting-specific references that should be and could be part of this set.

The tables and such chosen for this set of inserts seem like they were chosen by someone who knows the game very well indeed and only needs a bit of privacy, not quick reference to setting specific details. I needed to make my own inserts to go with this set.

Tour of Darkness is filled with groovy potential, and like some of the best classic horror RPG settings, the GM can use a hand getting the flavour-rich environment details right.

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GM Screen Inserts--Tour of Darkness
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