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Battlemap - Pirate & Ghost Ship $7.95
Publisher: Black Scrolls Games
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 05/01/2012 12:02:19

Decades ago graph paper and imagination were all you needed to get a game together. But as technology got better and immersion moved to the forefront of tabletop RPGs, battlemaps have become a near necessity at a good DM’s table. With cheap projectors and color printers, there’s no reason Dungeon Masters should be rolling out archaic graphic paper. Especially when Lord Zsezse Works is cranking out phenomenally colorful and detailed masterpieces for your PCs to battle in.

The level of detail and cartography in every map puts your players in the world. Their battlemaps are realistic, using rich and multilayered colors in every square. Also, Within every product, the designers go the extra mile of including several versions of the map. They have an online version, perfect for online games or projection based battlemaps, and a version that’s a little more print friendly. Both of these maps are provided with grid and without grids. Battlemap: Pirate & Ghost Ship is a double dose of mapping fun. It includes two versions of a debilitated, one of a ghost ship and one of a pirate ship. Each ship is made up of 3 decks, each deck well detailed from the cannons to the beds. The dreary conditions on both maps push an atmosphere of despair perfect for a sea campaign. IN addition to the two different maps, they also include the maps with and without water.

For the Dungeon Master I use these maps for sea adventures. Multiple decks are a great touch and just are not found in a lot of ship maps for some reason. The level of detail goes a long way into allowing you to create realistic boarding encounters.

The Iron Word Battlemap: Pirate & Ghost Ship is a large scale series of ship battlemaps perfect for sea combat. With the ability to print, project or beam it to your players laptops or tablets, there is no reason to not have Lord Zsezse Works artwork in on your hard drive and ready to go for the right occasion.

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Battlemap - Pirate & Ghost Ship
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